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Accepted Papers and Abstracts

DNA22 Track A: Accepted Papers

Manoj Gopalkrishnan.
A Scheme for Molecular Computation of Maximum Likelihood Estimators for Log-Linear Models

Yo-Sub Han, Hwee Kim, Makoto Ota and Shinnosuke Seki.
Nondeterministic seedless oritatami systems and hardness of testing their equivalence

Luca Laurenti, Marta Kwiatkowska and Luca Cardelli.
Programming Discrete Distributions with Chemical Reaction Networks

Robert Brijder, David Doty and David Soloveichik.
Robustness of expressivity in chemical reaction networks

Max Whitby, Marta Kwiatkowska and Luca Cardelli.
Chemical Reaction Network Designs for Asynchronous Logic Circuits

Matthew Patitz, Jacob Hendricks, Trent Rogers, Meagan Olsen and Hadley Thomas.
Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Fractals with Signal-Passing Tiles (extended abstract)

Scott Summers, Matthew Patitz, Trent Rogers, Robert Schweller and Andrew Winslow.
Resiliency to Multiple Nucleation in Temperature 1 Self-Assembly

Robert F. Johnson, Qing Dong and Erik Winfree.
Verifying Chemical Reaction Network Implementations: A Bisimulation Approach

Vahid Mardanlou, Leopold Green, Hari Subramanian, Jongmin Kim, Rizal Hariadi and Elisa Franco.
A coarse-grained model of DNA nanotube population growth

Zahra Derakhshandeh, Robert Gmyr, Alexandra Porter, Andrea W. Richa, Christian Scheideler and Thim Strothmann.
On the Runtime of Universal Coating for Programmable Matter

Nicholas Schiefer and Erik Winfree.
Time Complexity of Computation and Construction in the Chemical Reaction Network-Controlled Tile Assembly Model

DNA22 Track B: Accepted Abstracts

Niranjan Srinivas, James Parkin, Georg Seelig, Erik Winfree and David Soloveichik.
Enzyme-free nucleic acid dynamical systems

Anton S. Zadorin, Guillaume Ginés, Jean-Christophe Galas and André Estevez-Torres.
Synthesis of a reaction-diffusion French Flag pattern

Matthias Morasch, Dieter Braun and Christof Mast.
Heat flow driven oligonucleotide gelation separates single base differences

Simona Ranallo, Alexis Vallée-Bélisle, Kevin Plaxco and Francesco Ricci.
Antibody-powered DNA-based nanodevices for diagnostic and drug-delivery applications

Jonas Joerg Funke, Philip Ketterer, Corinna Lieleg, Philipp Korber and Hendrik Dietz.
Uncovering the forces between nucleosomes using DNA origami

Randolph Lopez and Georg Seelig.
A Molecular Classifier for Gene Expression Diagnostics

Stefan Howorka, Jonathan Burns, Niels Fertig and Astrid Seifert.
Membrane-Spanning DNA Nanopores: Biomimetic Structures that Act as Molecular Gates

Stefan Badelt, Christoph Flamm and Ivo Hofacker.
Energy landscapes and folding kinetics of pairwise interacting nucleic acid molecules

Ibuki Kawamata, Shota Kawakami, Yu-Chin Chen, Shogo Hiratsuka, Sho Aradachi, Daisuke Tamatsuki, Hayato Yuuki, Takuto Takahashi, Eiki Ishihara, Shunsuke Imai, Hayato Otaka, Yuto Otak, Kenta Suzuki, Taiki Watanabe, Ken Komiya, Fumi Takabatake, Shin-Ichiro Nomura and Satoshi Murata.
Autonomous and Programmable Strand Generator Implemented as DNA Chemical Reaction Network

Jessica Lorenz, Jörg Schnauß, Martin Glaser, Martin Sajfutdinow, Carsten Schuldt, Ines Neundorf, Joseph A. Käs and David M. Smith.
Synthetic cross-linkers modulate mechanical properties and dynamics of actin structures

Chen-Yu Li, Jejoong Yoo and Aleksei Aksimentiev.
Making sense of DNA membrane channels

Florian Praetorius and Hendrik Dietz.
Rational design and self-assembly of protein-DNA hybrid nanostructures

Jaimie Marie Stewart, Hari Subramanian and Elisa Franco.
Self-assembly of multi-stranded RNA motifs into lattices and tubular structures

Eyal Nir, Toma Tomov, Roman Tsukanov, Yair Glick, Yaron Berger, Miran Liber, Dorit Avrahami and Doron Gerber.
A User Interface for Communicating with Synthetic DNA Machines and DNA Computers

Hung Nguyen, Cameron Gallivan, Cade Markegard and Darrell Cheng.
Elucidating DNA Hybridization Mechanisms in Structural and Dynamic DNA Nanotechnology via Molecular Simulations

Kevin Cherry and Lulu Qian.
Scaling up molecular pattern recognition with DNA-based winner-take-all neural networks

Anu Thubagere, Chris Thachuk, Joseph Berleant, Robert Johnson, Diana Ardelean and Lulu Qian.
Compiler-aided systematic construction of large scale DNA strand displacement circuits using unpurified components

Guido Grossi, Jørgen Kjems and Ebbe Sloth Andersen.
A DNA origami nanostructure to modulate single enzyme activity